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16 September 2011 @ 06:34 pm

enter september.
current mood · that confused, pissed, feeling like a total failure kind of feeling.
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Dear Lord, give me a drink. Something strong, something that tastes nice chased with peach juice. Thank you, and good night.
And so here I am, starting this ridiculous blog post on Friday night. I feel so invigorated, alive, happy, utterly marvelous. But sugar, sarcasm don't register all that well on text. Unfortunately, my sarcasm doesn't register with anyone, even in conversation. Hoorah, absolutely no one to talk to!

Maybe I have been too troubled these past few months. Inside, all of... Well, whatever's happening now, is eating me alive like the flesh-eating animal it is. I wouldn't imagine Dr. Lecter after a sauteed liver à la me anytime soon, but right now I feel like knives are just cutting into my flesh and tearing it bit by lazy, boring failure bit. 
It's hard bearing the pressure of maintaining a good reputation, good grades, good everything, when the other thing I told my folks I wanted to be when I was a child had immediately became out of the question once they knew I was getting older. My professor was right. College is the time when you find out that what you wanted to be wasn't really what you wanted. I've accepted that fact wholeheartedly, but now I'm stuck at an impasse. I can never be what I wanted to be, whatever life I wanted to set out for myself. The bohemian life was always one that I wanted to lead, but would it get me anywhere? I'm stuck. I was never in it for the money. I was in it for what I could do to help society. Unfortunately, I'd have to sacrifice my love of freedom just to get that goal. I'd be like those other freaks with sticks up their asses, showing off "who's boss". What the fuck. I don't need that bullshit, and I never want to give that BS to anyone. It's inevitable. I want to escape this. I don't want to see, or experience, any of this.

I'm gonna have to make the leap if none of this goes according to plan. It's... It's been all too tiring. I just want it to stop. I wanna take that leap.

Yes, this is just another one of those self-destructive phases you've probably heard so much about. Probably too much about. But I don't care. It's called a phase for a reason. It'll pass. I hope.

sayonara, bitch.
love, me.

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05 June 2011 @ 10:34 pm
 BOLLOCKS. I can't believe this. Reality's coming back QUICKER. QUICKER. QUICKER. So scared.

But then again... College. It's the big C. A larger campus, a larger group of people, more things to learn (more things to hate too; I absolutely dread academics) and more things to sleep on.

Right now, there are no words. There's only sleep. What I need. Good night.
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04 June 2011 @ 11:29 pm

Somehow, I'm not that fully enthused with the idea of writing down my entire day or the nuances and memories of my life in posts, but I'm sure this'll keep my mind off things for a while.

Right now, all I can think of is the fast-approaching start of another academic year. I feel as if time's moving too quickly, and that I'm wasting probably every second of the summer holiday until things start to get serious again. I feel as if I've just flushed my youth down the toilet. I know I have to be serious now, but my regrets at not having spent my earlier years doing something worthwhile are starting to haunt me all over again. Shit.

Oh, well. My worries are petty. Experiences: zip. What do i know about life? Tons of people know way more than I do. I lived life sheltered. I feel so naive standing next to anyone else next to me. Ugh.

Have to stop here.

Song of the day: Should Have Taken Acid With You - Neon Indian
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